Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Flying bridges for bangalore traffic?

Can bridges suspended by helium / hydrogen / hot air filled balloons provide an easy alternative to flyovers in Bangalore?

Some of the advantages:
1. No need of any space on the ground for building pillars. Only need pillars where the vehicles can climb onto the bridge.

2. Bridges can be moved based on the traffic. Move all the balloons (air ships) to a new position.

Challenges :

1. Amount of Helium needed: At 1000ltrs to lift a kg, and having a limit of 8 tonnes weight for each balloon, they need to be filled by 8 million liters of helium.. Which would make each of the balloons to be about 100 mtr by 10 mtr dia cylinders.
2. Handling monsoon winds.

Not a bad idea though. The gas balloons or containers would be huge and that itself might occupy a lot of space..
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