Monday, April 26, 2010


Data says no Warming of Bangalore in the last 37 years.

It is a constant complaint that you hear from people these days. "Bangalore has grown warmer over the years." or this year is the warmest over the years. And the blame inevitably is on global warming. But how much of this is real? What is the magnitude of the temperature increase? Was this year warmer than the one before? . I downloaded data from 1973 to 2009 to see what happened and I have posted it here. The data can be downloaded from . Looks like the data is fairly accurate, but I have not tested it against any other sources.

The graph on the left is the temperature data for the last 37 years, averaged over 3 months (x axis is the number of days since 1973 Mar 1). You can see the yearly rise and fall of the temperature over the year. It may not entirely be clear, but the graph shows that there is no huge (> 1 degree) increase in the temperature of Bangalore. Also, as the media tend to assume, Bangalore does not seem to have huge variance in the temperature over the years.

We can make it more clear by taking a longer term average of the temperature of Bangalore.
When averaged over 5000 days, looks like the average temperature has only slightly increased from 23.57C to 23.8C.  Hardly noticeable by humans.

In effect the overall increase in Bangalore temperature is very small and may not be a proof of global warming as we keep hearing.


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