Friday, May 06, 2005



I was asked to think about some of the applications of handwriting recognition on a simputer, here are some of the areas where i as a student would love to use it.
1. It would be nice if i can take down all my notes on a simputer and transfer it to my computer every day, i would also prefer to read my notes on a simputer (Instead of a computer or my handwriting, it is always better to let silicon handle the deciphering of my handwriting rather than me worry about deciphering it at exam time). Also cut and paste features would be valuable to have when writing notes.
2. Also once we have recognition features, it needs to be studied if we can somehow use it to compress the handwritten data. i.e compression based on strokes.
3. If the simputer is targetted at say. a shopkeeper, things he would be interested in would be very different from me i guess. He would probably be interested in a way to track his customers who have bought things from him. It frequently happens that the customers generally pay the shopkeeper monthly instead of at the time of purchase. Tracking the purchases and calculating the exact amount at the payment time would be made much easier with a simputer, wherein th e shopkeeper can just notedown the items and the cost (as if on a piece of paper) and the simputer will find the right customer from the database and debit the amount against the customer.
4. Signature verification in banks. In most of the banks, money is still withdrawn through self drawn cheques, simputers can be used there..Also simputer when connected to the internet can be used for secure transfer of money with the help of signature capture and transmission.
5. simputers can also be used for quick sharing of designs over the internet. It can be used like the back of the envolope between people on phone in different parts of the world

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